Fatal Assumptions of Party Planning

As the event planner, you pride yourself on making sure that everything is perfect. That is exactly why you were hired to manage the project. Event planning requires that you pay attention to every detail and never assume anything.There are three fatal assumptions that an event planner can make when it comes to setting up the seating and table arrangements for the event. Each of these situations cannot be overlooked without consequence.

Assumption 1: All Guests Will Act in a Responsible Manner
When you are planning the seating arrangements and the placement of the head table and buffet tables, make sure that you leave ample room for people to maneuver through the event area. There will always be at least one guest, and in some cases many guests, that will be very physical at the party and will bump into things and dance in inappropriate areas. By taking this into account, you can set up your tables in “safe” zones to help try and prevent any accidents.

Assumption 2: Every Party Is Different, Even If It Is the Same Type of Event
Event planners must take into account all of the specific details of the party they are creating and never assume it will be similar to other parties of the same style. Keep up to date with the people who scheduled the event to the very last minute to ensure that you are aware of any last minute changes or details that need to be quickly addressed.

Assumption 3: Every Party Has to Be Planned From Scratch
While every party must be treated as a unique occasion, there are some things that you know for sure will be necessary for the event preparation. For example, you will need to rent tables and chairs for the event. It is important to remember this because table rentals in Los Angeles can be reserved many weeks in advance.