This Is the Fastest, Healthiest Way to Cook BBQ Chicken

Who knew that taking a half can of Bud, stuffing it in a whole chicken where the sun don’t shine, then smoking it would be a super healthy way to cook a bird? Not to mention a super effective way to get rid of the worst tasting beer in your fridge. The suds turn to steam, which helps cook the chicken from the inside and keep it moist. Also, standing the chicken up on the grill means the legs —which take the most time to cook—are exposed to the most intense heat, so your chicken cooks evenly without drying out the breast. The result? One of the tastiest chickens imaginable—one that requires precisely zero heavy sauces or distracting sides. So ditch your usual BBQ and roast chicken recipes, with their sugary sauces and overly salty dry rubs, and go with this simple classic.