In this post, Ashwini Sathe reviews the options available for mobile test automation frameworks and provides guidance on how to choose the best one for your organization’s needs. Performance testing is testing for performance and includes load testing, which is testing for multiple users. Both of these involve testing the server, but page rendering can also be important for mobile devices.

Is Kotlin good for test automation

This would result in the real database being used only in one test class and the fake in the remaining cases. The test needs a Koin module which will provide all the needed dependencies. If the Kotlin Multiplatform code base is modularized , the systemUnderTestModule could be the public Koin module that is attached to the dependency graph (e.g. module, dependency graph). An example test suite which uses Koin for test set up can be found in my ktor-mock-tests repository. Depending on the complexity, the tests might become integration tests rather than unit tests, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not that important as long as the system is properly tested.

‍1. Is Kotlin used for Android app development?

If the shared code is broken, then all its platforms will work incorrectly. In my opinion, the best way to ensure that something works correctly is to write a test for it. Functions and Methods in Kotlin are declared with the “fun” keyword. You can also indicate the function return type with a colon followed by the type. We can make this a static class method by declaring it in a “companion object.” You can create read-only variables with “val” and variables that can be reassigned with “var”. Since it has already become the official language and allowed many Java developers to use it alongside Java for Android projects, the future of Android seems to be inseparable from Kotlin.

Is Kotlin good for test automation

Once you are comfortable using Kotlin, you’ll appreciate programming a lot more and write code with greater efficiency. Appium— a framework that allows you to write simple automated tests for your mobile apps and websites. The two primary methods to perform security testing are automated scanning of source code and penetration testing. Because security tests require different types of expertise and focus on different aspects of an application, they are usually written separately from other types of Android tests.

For businesses, getting started or will start later, they must hire Python developers who know when and how to perform the right actions without writing newer codes again and again for every task. But the owners need to keep in mind the fact that the code implementation is done in the right section, thereby making the test script/scripts run successfully. Learn to execute automation testing from scratch with LambdaTest Learning Hub. Right from setting up the prerequisites to run your first automation test, to following best practices and diving deeper into advanced test scenarios. LambdaTest Learning Hubs compile a list of step-by-step guides to help you be proficient with different test automation frameworks i.e.

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The wide variety of Android testing frameworks, languages, tools, and methods can be intimidating to navigate. In this article, I will talk about the top 6 programming languages for testing in 2022. We will briefly go over each programming language, discuss its benefits and highlight a few points which might help you decide if it is the next one you learn as a test engineer. The test strategy I’m proposing does not use any mocking framework, only test doubles written by hand.

Porting Million Lines of Code from Java to Kotlin at Meta –

Porting Million Lines of Code from Java to Kotlin at Meta.

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Android app development company, Kotlin remains the primary skill set to keep going and delivering work for their clients. Hey guys – I’ve always had a very strong interest in Kotlin, just haven’t really had the chance to pick it up. I have recently became in charge of a large web automation project. I was given the green light to be able to change it if I wanted too.

One unit, multiple classes

Since it’s a cross-platform language, it’s easier to share testing code across front-end and backend stacks. Google adopted Kotlin as an official language for Android applications in 2017 which immensely drove adoption. With over 2.5 billion Android devices in use, there is huge potential for its growth.

Most developers don’t keep collections of Android phones and tablets in the closet to run tests. That said, one way to perform effective compatibility testing is to use simulators, emulators, or real devices in the cloud, a service that Sauce Labs can provide. Another is to rotate through cloud-based devices while performing test automation. You could think about writing your own automation testing journey with a single programming language!

Gauge works with multiple languages, CI/CD tools and automation drivers. You don’t have to learn a new language or tool to get your test automation tool to work for you. This is not a new topic actually, especially since Kotlin is gaining terrain in the world of programming languages in general, and especially on Android.

Is Kotlin good for test automation

A Java/Kotlin based Android application to deliver news to around the world. I was the lead automation engineer in developing test automation solutions. The test automation strategy made possible to deliver new features in very short sprints. Worked as part of the device acceptance and experience team in testing and evaluating mobile OSs against prototype hardware.

Kotlin for Android Developers

Participated in sprint ceremonies to provide feedback for process improvements and to adopt best practices in development and testing iOS applications. Keep your data qa automation engineer kotlin job sets out of your test scripts to run them repeatedly against multiple data sets. Easily test with large data sets, while keeping specifications highly readable.

By adding a Cucumber framework you integrate a BDD approach into your project. Since BDD is a part of test-driven development you also get a shared view and process for all collaborators as a bonus 😃. I’m a QA specialist in Uptech, a Design & Development company which creates mobile and web apps. Today I want to enrich your knowledge about automated mobile testing. In this article, you will find step by step guide along with a simple example of automation testing 💁💻.

Languages & frameworks

Besides, there are various testing frameworks like Zest, Jasmine, and Nightwatch JS which refine multiple processes of unit testing as well as end-to-end testing. You can potentially choose any language from the above list, but if you are completely new to automation testing and just want to get started, I would suggest that you start with either Python or JavaScript. Both of these languages are quite easy to learn and have a huge community support. The interoperability with Java Kotlin helps developers to use Java code right from Kotlin or the other way around. Any app that has used Java code earlier can now use Kotlin for further development requirements without paying the price in terms of performance or breaking the flow of the underlying code.

  • These frameworks can be easily, abused which leads to brittle tests which are coupled to the implementation details of the system under test.
  • You can choose according to your need and work in a more efficient manner.
  • Android developers coding in Java need to write longer and more repetitive code, and in contrast, for the same features built with Kotlin, developers need to write fewer lines of code.
  • Building applications using Kotlin Multiplatform usually takes longer than their fully native counterparts.
  • Luckily, tests avoid that because they only compile Kotlin / Native without creating the Objective-C binary.
  • Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.
  • Since a large number of backend systems use Java, it is supported by most of the popular testing frameworks.

Moreover, there is a feature in Android Studio to convert Java files to Kotlin with just a single tap. Lately there are so many programming languages that allow you to do much more with less. Being a programming language that runs on the virtual machine of Java ; allows an open interaction with the Java code and therefore with the frameworks and libraries available for Java in an almost transparent way.

Thanks to this, developers can only get hold of all the NPEs at the time of compilation. They do not need to wait for the app to crash to detect NPEs during runtime. Discussion about Kotlin, a statically typed programming language for the JVM, Android, JavaScript, and native. In the next section, we are going to create unit tests for this app. I hope this little introduction to automation testing will be useful in your day-to-day work and will be easily understood. I used Kotlin for the versatility of the language, apart from the similarity with Scala and the fact that I can work with the paradigm of Object Oriented Programming seems great.


Tests that include all the thread switching and mutations can verify the threading correctness much, much faster than running the iOS app ever could. Ignoring the build speed issues, let’s say that the build didn’t take longer. Building the whole application means building all of its parts. But when we work on a feature, we typically only want to focus and verify a small portion of the entire application. Tests allow just that, verifying only a portion of the app without needing to build everything. When we’re finished working on a feature, we can plug the code into the application and verify that it correctly integrates with other parts of the application.

If this is so, then it’s high time to note the fact that to build a career in automation testing, you’re required to have a sound knowledge of the relevant Programming Language. You need to mix up well with the ins and outs of the programming language used in Automation Testing. Automation Testing is undoubtedly flourishing in the current times by replacing the traditional Manual Testing practices within organizations.

Writing tests during development can cut down on compilation time and give confidence that any future regressions will be caught by the test suite. Each test class exercise a different path that the system could take. In this case, one for a happy path, and two for unhappy paths.

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Real dependencies cannot be set up to an ideal testing state as easily as test doubles, most of the time the set-up will be longer and more difficult. The first thing I want to address is the test speed because no one wants to wait too long for the tests to complete. Tests which treat unit as a class are superfast, but only when they use normal test doubles. Mocking frameworks with all their magic take up a lot of time and make the tests much slower compared to a test double written by hand. Because these tests focus more on the end result of the feature rather than on implementation details of a single class, the test function names reflect the behavior of the feature. A lot of time, this behavior also represents the business requirements of the system.

App developers still are in doubt about embracing Kotlin instead of Java. Next off, we can consider for which cases we have to create UI tests. It helps us to make our code more readable by hiding redundant code. But we need to unify the anecdote, not to speak on specific usages on a specific layer, but rather to summarize that you can use Kotlin for almost everything related to test automation development, period. The ones that have the biggest offerings are Java and JavaScript, with their massive communities and libraries. Hikaku – A library that tests if the implementation of a REST-API meets its specification.